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15 years old

Octavious is an active teenager who enjoys playing video games and is passionate about sports. His favorite sports to play are football and soccer. He plays the midfield or mid position for soccer. He aspires to play soccer for The University of Texas at El Paso when he is older. Sports are essential to him, and he is also interested in playing football for Ohio State. He thinks it would be fun to attend a Dallas Cowboys game. He has ambitions of playing sports professionally one day. He is also interested in joining the military or becoming a mechanical engineer. His favorite subjects are math, technology, and computer classes.

Octavious knows some Spanish, but he would like to become fluent. He has a blast when he gets to go to a water park. He is a typical teenager hoping to obtain his driver’s permit. Octavious' dream car would be either a white or black Corvette. He is responsible and would like to get a part-time lawn care job. He is mechanically inclined and says he is good at putting things together. Octavious has an outgoing personality and makes friends easily. He likes to listen to music and read. His favorite musical artist is Eminem.

Octavious is an intelligent youth with many interests and enjoys fishing, the outdoors, and riding dirt bikes and 4-wheelers. If he could do something he has never done before, he would like to go deep sea fishing. His short-term goal is to save up enough money to buy a mp4 player.

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