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Bring Awareness to Youth Hoping for Adoption by Hosting a Heart Gallery 

Are you in interested in hosting a Heart Gallery? There are three different types of exhibits. We would love to hear from you and schedule a Heart Gallery showing with your organization. To host a gallery, call 915 228 4108 or email for more information on how you can support Heart Gallery of El Paso.


Please include the following in your message:

  • Your name
  • Your organization's information
  • The dates you are requesting
  • The type(s) of Gallery Exhibit you think works best for your location
  • Your contact information

What kinds of spaces can be used for an exhibit?

Heart Gallery exhibits can be customized for any space and have been everywhere from airports to small churches, salons to cafes, stores to corporate offices, to one-day events and festivals!

How long do exhibits last?

The traveling exhibits can be hosted for a variety of time frames, including one-day special events, or longer-term exhibits. It's really up to you!   If possible, and to increase exposure, we prefer each gallery to be displayed for a minimum of one week.



To host a gallery, call 915 228 4108 or email for more information on how you can support Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Easel Exhibit


A lightweight pop-up display perfect for special events and smaller spaces. This includes poster portraits that can be easily be displayed on easels. We accommodate spaces with as little as one portrait to as many as we have of youth who are participating and waiting for adoption in our region. Easel exhibits are perfect displays for temporary or one-day, event-related displays.

Wall Exhibit

This includes a temporary or permanent installation of portraits on a blank wall, much like an art gallery exhibit at a museum. We can work with your team to identify the best space in your building to accommodate a gallery and our team will take care of all art installation logistics. 

Virtual Exhibit

These can include a variety of display items, but are generally built around an existing monitor or smart TV that electronically displays Heart Gallery portraits of children with their name and age.  If you are having virtual events or shows and would consider showing a slideshow of our Heart Gallery children, let us know. We can prepare the file for you and send the information electronically.

Heart Gallery Texas
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