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  • How do I start the adoption process?
    Attending an orientation session first with the Department of Family and Protective Services or with any private adoption agency.
  • How long does the adoption process take?
    That all depends on the adoption agency and how long their training sessions are. The time can also vary depending on how quickly required documentation is supplied to agencies and how long training sessions are. On average, the duration is anywhere from 3 to 6 months.
  • What if I already have a home study?
    Then the home study and social worker information would be submitted to the Department of Family and Protective Services for the child they are inquiring about.
  • How can I volunteer to assist a child directly?
    One can assist the Heart Gallery when volunteer opportunities become available, become a C.A.S.A. advocate or sign up for mentor positions available by working with an organization that works with the kids. One can contact DFPS directly to look for more opportunities. They have Rainbow Rooms that offer clothing drives, options to donate birthday cakes and options to submit items for welcome care packages for the children.
  • Where can I ask follow up questions?
    By contacting their own private agency of choice or the foster to adopt staff at DFPS (Bianca Avila at 915-521-3870 or
  • Can I adopt a child from El Paso if I live in another city or state?
  • Is there a charge to adopt through an adoption agency?
    The charges include attorney fees to finalize adoption, background check fees and safety item fees (lockbox and fire extinguishers needed for the home)
  • Is there an age limit to be able to adopt?
    You would need to be 21 or older.
  • Can one individual adopt or is a partner needed?
    Single adoptive parents are welcome.
  • What defines a good candidate for being an adoptive parent?
    This is different for every child. The candidate would need to match the needs of the specific child.
  • Can you foster or adopt if you are in the military?
    Most definitely, adoption agencies will work with military families.
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