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Contact us at 915 228 4108 or email for more information on how you can make a difference in the life of a child.  

Donate to Help Support the Heart Gallery of El Paso!

Our donors are vitally important to us - your gift will sustain our mission and ensure we find positive placements for our community's exceptional youth hoping for adoption.


All donations to Heart Gallery of El Paso are tax-deductible and directly fund our program. Your contribution will help our efforts to support the children in our community: 


  • Child Sponsor - $250: Supports professional gallery prints of one child's portrait.

  • Family Sponsor - $500: Supports professional gallery prints for sibling group portraits.

  • Awareness Sponsor - $750: Supports the promotion of galleries to increase community awareness. 

  • Impact Sponsor - $1,500: Supports an entire gallery exhibit. 

  • Story Sponsor - $2,500: Supports video production highlighting a child's story.

Volunteer and Make a Difference

The important work of Heart Gallery of El Paso is not possible without community support.  There is something for everyone.  Volunteer and support opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Photographers

  • Framers for the portraits, art handlers, and installers

  • Caterers for the events

  • Beauticians to help organize beauty & barber shop "hair days" prior to the photo shoots

  • Designers for brochures, invitations and other print material designs

  • Volunteers to transport portraits to the different venues.

  • Volunteers to assist in setup and tear-down of the portrait displays

  • Volunteers for the special events and fundraisers

  • Volunteers to help with creating Life Books-These serve as a scrap book/photo albums that allow children to retain memories of their lives with their foster parents, foster siblings, etc.

  • Other activities as needed.


To volunteer, contact us at 915 228 4108 or email for more information on how you can support Heart Gallery of El Paso.



To host a gallery, call 915 228 4108 or email for more information on how you can support Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Host a Gallery Exhibit to Spotlight Stories of Youth

You can help the youth connect with the community as they hope to find permanent adoption by building community awareness for them. If you are part of a business where portraits could be displayed or are open to hosting a virtual gallery, please contact us. Sharing these portraits can greatly increase the likelihood of the youth being adopted.

Portrait displays can be displayed in almost any venue, including your lobby, agency, bank, church, museum, business, library, airport, City Hall, government agency or community event.

Heart Gallery Texas
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