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14 years old

Dior is a very intelligent boy who likes to be given attention and enjoys spending time with family playing games. He is very imaginative and enjoys STEM projects, especially anything revolving around robotics. He loves anime and watching anime movies. Dior is a very active child and enjoys playing sports. He likes to play football and is a very good runner.

Dior is a talker and will talk to you non stop for hours. He likes to tell stories and describe his day. Dior likes to talk about the future, his dreams, and can be very imaginative in his perceptions of the future. He enjoys going to school and has very good grades. Dior is working through challenges at school with making and keeping friends. When asked for his three wishes, Dior stated that he would like to have infinite knowledge, he would like for everyone to live forever, and lastly, to have infinite wishes.

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