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14 years old

Chastelyn has a passion for learning about Korean culture. She really likes to listen to KPOP music and watch Korean teen dramas. Her favorite bands are BTS and Black Pink. She would like to see BTS if she could go to any concert. She would like to travel and explore Asia, especially Korea, if she had one wish. She wants to go on trips and visit new places. Her favorite thing about visiting the mountains is taking a leisurely stroll around the town while taking in the sights. She enjoys Chinese food and noodles; her favorite food is Korean cuisine. She would like to try Korean BBQ. If she could learn a new skill, she would like to take cooking classes to learn to cook every type of food. She is eager to learn to cook tofu. Her favorite treat is either the original or mango Boba tea.

Chastelyn is excited about joining modeling classes. She aspires to attend college in the future. She would love to learn more Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese languages. She is Bilingual in Spanish and English. She wants to be a CEO or a model when she grows up. She considers herself a good friend and family-oriented as she likes spending quality time with her family and friends by going to the movies or the mall. She takes pride in her appearance and takes care in doing her hair and makeup. She applies her makeup naturally and elegantly. Her idea of a lovely day out would be getting pampered with a manicure and pedicure.

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