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15 years old, 12 years old, 17 years old

Silvia is the middle child of the siblings and is a typical teenage girl. She is a sassy and kindhearted teen. She is very vocal about her needs and feelings. She appears to be guarded at first but can open up when she feels comfortable. Silvia displays behavior of a mother hen. She can be described as girly and enjoys getting her nails done and likes to shop. She is very outspoken and is described as a resilient child. Silvia’s new interest is experimenting with makeup! She enjoys doing her hair and getting dressed up. She is a “girly” girl with an eye for anything colorful. She is the outgoing one of the trios and loves to try new things. She understands her brothers well and despite being the only girl gets along well with them. Silvia is very helpful when it comes to helping around the house.

Ivan is a sweet and energetic boy that looks up to his older siblings. He is shy at first but once he warms up to someone, he is very talkative. He is very loving and sweet. He likes to play with cars, toys, watch movies and play sports. Ivan is a little timid but will open once he feels comfortable. He is caring and loves helping. He enjoys dressing comfortable when he is at home and enjoys dressing in sportswear. Being the youngest, Ivan, is a charming boy with a vivid imagination. He likes the outdoors and is a very active boy who is always on the hunt to learn something new. He doesn’t have any trouble making any friends and gets along with his peers easily.

Carlos is the oldest and a natural leader. He enjoys sports, listening to music with hip hop and rap being his favorite, playing video games and spending time on social media. He likes taking care of his appearance and is easy going. Carlos is shy and reserved but incredibly friendly and approachable. He makes friends easily and being the oldest is very protective over his siblings. He is kind and loving. He prefers inside activities, however, loves to play sports such as football and basketball. He is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish fluently although he prefers to speak in English. He is not a picky eater with some of his favorite foods being pizza, hamburgers, and Mexican food. Carlos would love to find a forever family in Texas.

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