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17 years old

Johnathan is a very sweet and respectful teenager. He is shy when he first meets someone but soon becomes comfortable and will open up to others. Johnathan is fun and outgoing in the right space and with the right people. Johnathan appreciates his alone time. He loves to play with Lego bricks, listen to music, watch movies, sing, play video games and watch online videos. Johnathan likes going out to eat and enjoys doing things in the community with his friends.

After high school graduation, Johnathan would like to go to college and study psychology or go into the military, but he has not yet decided which avenue he would like to pursue. Johnathan feels that his strengths are compassion and empathy as he tries to help people when they are sad or going through a tough time. Johnathan’s favorite food is cheeseburgers, Chinese is his favorite cuisine and Taco Bell is his favorite fast-food restaurant.

Johnathan longs to be a part of something more than himself. Johnathan needs would best be met with a family that has older children who share similar interests as him. His family will love, nurture, guide him, and provide a safe environment for him. His family will provide him with full-time attention and commitment.

“I love video games and music!” - Johnathan

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