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16 years old

Abcde is an outgoing teenager who loves listening to hip-hop/rap music and shopping at the mall with her friends. She is very active and likes sports and has a passion for basketball. She is currently her school's Junior Varsity boys’ basketball team manager. Abcde plans on trying out for the girls’ basketball team in the future and hopes to make the Varsity team. She also wants to try out for the soccer team.

Her favorite thing about herself is that she is honest and open-minded. She is good at Chemistry and does well in the class. Abcde does well in school and strives to make the A/B honor roll. She likes to read, and her favorite author is Ellen Hopkins. She would like to get a part-time job babysitting. Abcde is interested in taking a dual credit cosmetology course in high school that would allow her to be a nail technician. She knows how to sew and is making an infinity scarf with a secret pocket and pajama pants in her fashion design class.

Abcde would like to pursue a career as an auto mechanic. Her favorite cars are low-rider cars. She has plans to obtain her driver’s permit soon. Her favorite shoes are Air Force Ones and Jordans and she takes pride in how she cares for them. Abcde likes to travel and would like to visit Tokyo one day because she likes the movie Fast and Furious.

Abcde's family will be loving and patient. Her family will be willing to give her time to open up to them. Her family will provide her with love, structure, and a feeling of security. They will provide support and guidance as she grows and encouragement to meet her future goals. Patience and unconditional love will be the most important qualities for Abcde's family. The ideal family will be an active family.

“I enjoy getting my hair done and making others laugh.” - Abcde

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